Investment Planning

For Investments purpose, we often wait to collect a large amount of money and invest it all at once. These investments are done to achieve our future goals like buying a house, child's education, marriage or retirement planning.

However recurring household expenses always erode the money which we would have otherwise kept for investments and the result - we end up compromising on our financial goals. So,in order to get the dual benefits of investment and that too of small amount periodically, we have Systematic Investment Plans(SIP).

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a financial planning tool that allows you to invest in mutual funds through small, periodic installments. Moreover you can also select the tenure of your investments & it helps you set aside a fixed amount every month for investments thus contributing towards your financial goals. In other words, it is a vehicle offered by mutual funds to help you save regularly. An SIP makes you disciplined in your savings. Every month you are forced to keep aside a fixed amount.

A SIP is designed to beat the high's and low's of the market and provide stability to the investment.


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